PureGear Griptek Gel Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 - Green

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PureGear Griptek Gel Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 - Green

If you are one of the lucky ones to have a Galaxy S4 you need a safer and more compact case so we bring you the best in the market to provide the protection you want for your cell phone. Compared to many others that exist the Pure Gear Griptek is much more than just a case. It is a slim elegant and attractive case but it is also very protective and provides a comfortable grip for anyone who owns a Galaxy S4.

This case is specially designed for this terminal so it fits perfectly and leaves all access free so you can use your smartphone without problems. Its exterior has a spectacularly striking design to make you notice wherever you go its texture is anti-slip that will prevent unexpected falls while your cell phone is on any smooth surface or in your hand and also has extra protection in its equines against impacts more powerful.

Compatible With:

  • Samsung Galaxy S4

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