Replacement Buckle/Tongue Clasp for Verizon LG Gizmo/GizmoPal Band - Clear

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LGVC200 repair kit

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This repair kit can be used for any color Gizmo band. How to install a new Gizmo buckle Step 1. Place the strap flat facing down. Step 2. Wedge the tongue into its recess at the middle of the strap. Its end tip should be curved upward. Step 3. While holding the tongue in place with your finger glide the pin all the way through the hole of the strap. Step 4. Make sure the tongue is in a downward position because it needs to be set below the frame. Step 5. Insert one end of the pin into one of the holes on the inside of the frame. Step 6. With the forked end of your tool (or just with your fingernail) gently push down on the pin so that it may be wedged into the other hole of the frame.

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