Sonix Clear Coat Caes for Apple iPhone 8/7/6 - PARADISE (Pineapples)

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Sonix Clear Coat Caes with UV Protection for Apple iPhone 6S/6/7/8 - Pineapples

The Sonix Clear Coat case for iPhone 6S/6/7/8 is pure attitude. The super original prints show an innovative person who has something to tell. And the best part is that you do not need to sacrifice quality or protection. The Sonix Clear Coat case has a 360 degree shape. In other words completely protect all sides of your iPhone 6S/6/7/8.

Personalize it

There's no reason for your iPhone 6S/6/7/8 to look like all other smartphones. The Sonix Clear Coat case comes in a variety of incredible patterns created by hand with a single color or metallic rainbow finishes. Each design says something about you.

Created to protect

Several design elements offer protection against daily wear and tear. The body of your iPhone 6S/6/7/8 is protected on all sides against the common bumps of everyday use. And the surface of the screen receives extra protection against damage thanks to the design of the relief shield that absorbs the impacts. A triple layer of UV protection prevents stamping and metalizing from scratching or skipping.

Your smartphone is still easy to use

Even with all this protection you will not sacrifice your use with the Sonix Clear Coat case for iPhone 6S/6/7/8. The easy-to-press protected buttons guarantee easy operation.

Compatible With:

  • Apple iPhone 6S/6/7/8

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