Sonix Shock Absorbing Clear Coat Case for iPhone 6/6s - Sweet Pea

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Sonix Shock Absorbing UV coated Clear Coat Case for Apple iPhone 6/6s - Sweet Pea

The Sonix Clear Coat Case for your iPhone 6s/6 is pure attitude. Exceptionally unique prints single you out as a fashion-forward person who has something to say. And the best part is that you don't have to sacrifice quality and protection for the look. The Sonix Clear Coat Case features a 360-degree form factor. In other words it provides complete protection around all sides of your iPhone 6s/6.

Make it personal

There's no reason your iPhone 6s/6 should look like every other smartphone. The Sonix Clear Coat Case comes in a selection of dazzling hand-crafted prints detailed and finished with single color or rainbow metallic foiling. Each design makes its own statement about who you are.

Built for protection

Multiple design elements offer protection against daily wear and tear. The body of your iPhone 6s/6 is shielded on all sides against the occasional bumps common to everyday use. And the screen surface gets extra protection against accidental damage because of the raised shock-absorbent bumper design. A triple-dose of UV coating helps prevent scratching or chipping of the prints and foiling detail.

Keeps your smartphone easy to use

Even with all this protection you won't sacrifice usability with the Sonix Clear Coat Case for iPhone 6s/6. The easy press-protected buttons assure streamlined operation.

Compatible With:

  • Apple iPhone 6/6s

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