Tech21 Evo Mesh for iPhone 5/5s/SE - Clear/White

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The Evo Mesh Case by Tech21 offers intelligent impact protection for your iPhone SE smartphone. Equipped with FlexShock™ impact force is absorbed dissipated and repelled away from your device. This case has an ultra-thin super-lightweight body so you get outstanding impact protection without losing the natural beauty of your phone. The Evo Mesh encases the corners and back of your device to provide a secure fit and feel and you can still access all functions without needing to remove the case. A dotted design provides a sleek and minimalistic look. More about FlexShock™ A cutting edge hybrid material with multiple stages of impact protection FlexShock absorbs and repels the energy of impact. Any remaining energy is dissipated through its molecular structure away from the point of impact. The flexibility of FlexShock™ allows Tech21 to create geometric structures like honeycombs that enhance its overall protective capabilities. Its ultra efficient energy absorption means the cases are slim and can complement the design of any device.

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