Unlimited Cellular Battery Extender for Eten M500 M600 (Black) - SC-M500B

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Unlimited Cellular Battery Extender for Eten M500 M600 (Black) - SC-M500B

Keep your Eten M500 battery powered and ready for use! Lightweight and compact this high quality rapid battery extender has great portability. The battery extender quickly provides power to use your PDA regardless of the internal battery condition and fully charges your PDA as well. The battery extender is easy to use simply attach to your PDA via the attached cable and you are ready to use your PDA. The battery extender is powered by 4 AA batteries that are not included.

  • Lightweight slim and compact size
  • Charges your PDA battery or provides backup power
  • Uses four AA-size batteries which can fully charge your PDA
  • On/Off switch prevents power leakage when not in use and a LED power indicator
  • A perfect backup when you are traveling
  • Provide power supply for your handheld anywhere you need it with just 4 AA batteries especially for situation where it is hard to find a plug in outlet for a wall charger
  • 4 AA Batteries not included

Compatible with:

  • Eten M500 M600

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