Unlimited Cellular Car Charger for Elura Optura Vixia Camcorder

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Car Charger Canon Elura Optura Vixia Camcorder

Power your Canon Camcorder with this car charger that allows you use your mp3 player while charging it from your vehicle's lighter jack.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • The charger fits both standard and auxiliary car power outlets
  • Green LED power indicator
  • Easily replaceable 4A fuse to protect against spikes & surges
  • Fits into any 12V accessory outlet or car lighter jack
  • Cable length: 1.4 meter (4.5 feet)

Compatible with:

  • Canon DC Models: DC100 DC210 DC22 DC220 DC230 DC310 DC320 DC330 DC40 DC410 DC420 DC50
  • Canon Elura Models: Elura 100 Elura 60 Elura 65 Elura 70 Elura 80 Elura 85 Elura 90
  • Canon FS Series: FS20 FS200 FS21 FS22 FS300 FS31
  • Canon HF S200
  • Canon HV10
  • Canon Optura Series: Optura 10 Optura 20 Optura 400 Optura 50 Optura 500 Optura 60 Optura Xi
  • Canon Vixia Series: Vixia HF M30 Vixia HF M300 Vixia HF M31 Vixia HF S10 Vixia HF S100 Vixia HF S11 Vixia HF S20 Vixia HF S200 Vixia HF S21 Vixia HF10 Vixia HF11 Vixia HF20 Vixia HF200 Vixia HG20 Vixia HG21 Vixia HR10 Vixia HV20 Vixia HV30 Vixia HV40
  • Canon ZR Series: ZR100 ZR200 ZR300 ZR400 ZR500 ZR60 ZR600 ZR65 MC ZR70 MC ZR700 ZR80 ZR85 ZR90

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