Ventev TWS-400 Low Loss Braided/Foam coaxial cable (1 Foot)

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For wireless networking professionals,Ventev's coaxial cable offer the best value in the industry. Unlike other component suppliers, Ventev cable offer an unsurpassed combination of performance and price delivering upon customer expectations across thousands of wireless installations. With maximum flexibility where curves, bends and twists exist, this cable eliminates the need for hard-line transmission cables. The cable is constructed of a UV resistant polyethylene jacket, providing maximum durability and protection from harsh elements. Our 400 series cable is ideal for any application requiring high-quality, flexible cabling such as WLL, GPS, WLAN, WISP, WiMax, SCADA and mobile applications. The Ventev TWS-400 braided coaxial cable is low loss, 3/8 inch dia, 50 Ohm coax cable with a copper clad aluminum inner conductor and foam dieletric. A 90 percent coverage braided shield prevents loss. The Ventev TWS-400 low loss braided coax cable is available in bulk and is priced per foot.

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