Verizon Tempered Glass Screen Protector for ASUS ZenPad Z8

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Verizon Scratch-Resistant Tempered Glass Screen Protector for ZenPad Z8 - Clear

If you want special protection for the screen of your ZenPad Z8 look no further and choose the tempered glass screen protector. This screen protector is made of scratch-resistant ultrathin glass and comes with a smudge-proof coating that is applied quickly and easily. The end result is a clear display of your screen without the discomfort of bubbles or dust that get in the way.


protection The tempered glass protector with 9H hardness (high grade glass) offers extreme protection against scratches including sharp objects such as knives and keys. And it's laser cut for a perfect fit.

Soft touch protection with clear vision

The oil resistant treatment (oleophobic coating) combined with the tempered glass create a comfortable and soft touch interface for your touch screen. With these materials a quick cleanup restores your screen brightness.

Simple application no bubbles

Once you release the glass on your phone the silicone adhesive does the rest. No bubbles or lint! Totally flat and perfect always.

Compatible With:

  • ZenPad Z8

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