ZAGG Screen Protector for Galaxy A50 InvisibleShield Tempered Glass+ VisionGuard - Clear

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ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass+ VisionGuard for Samsung Galaxy A50 - Clear

Keep your eyes feeling fresh and focused. The InvisibleShield® Glass+ VisionGuard™ prevents your screen from emitting harmful blue light that could otherwise strain your vision, disrupt your sleep, cause premature eye aging and more. And it comes with EZ Apply® tabs for a quick and simple application.

Advanced clarity.

Preserve the high-definition clarity of your screen with a protector so thin and smooth you'll hardly know it's there. An EyeSafe® layer filters out harmful blue light without distorting your screen color, preserving its superior look and color performance.

Protect against damage.

Shield your device against scratches, drops and impact damage with Ion Matrixâ„¢ technology strengthened at the molecular level to preserve the look of your screen.

Compatible With:

  • Samsung Galaxy A50

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